About me

I moved to Italy for love five years ago. I was in a long distance relationship with my Italian stallion while finishing up my degree in Florida. After that I finally made the big move and got married in Italy in August, 2012.

Apart from the romance I like entertaining my hobbies such as home decorating, making crafts, fashion, business and travel among others.

I am 100% immersed in this culture as I practically live with my in-laws in the same villa. After so many interactions I finally feel like I have a grasp on the language; it has been the hardest aspect of my moving to Italy.

I am currently pursuing my dreams by running an online home decor business via Etsy and other online platforms. I teach crochet workshops locally. I’m so glad I quit my teaching job to just be ME and make an income doing what I love. You can check out my shop by going to the Shop tab!

Where I am

I’m living in the region of Puglia, more particularly in a little original town called Casarano (the boonies of Italy). Where I live I get the reality of every day Italian life that you can’t get in major cities like Rome, and that’s why I love it here. In the map below I am an hour south of Brindisiscreen-shot-2017-03-05-at-15-18-05

My writing

My writing focuses on the positive aspects of Italian culture, business in Italy, design inspiration, and my experience here overall.  I strive to write a post every two weeks.


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16 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi! Just wanted to say I totally understand what you are going through and thank you!!
    I moved to Italy in late October 2011 from Canada and married here that December. My husband is also Italian and in the military.
    I hope all is going well and if you ever need a listening ear (without having to wait for a decent time at home) let me know.
    Un bacio!

    1. Hi Sonya, wow what a similar life we have. Maybe we’ll run into each other some day with the military connection! Thanks for offering your ears, I might use them sometime 🙂

  2. Although we are hardly in the same demographic (I just retired after many visits to Italy), I will find your comments particularly noteworthy since I am planning to pull up stakes in the US to live in Puglia in 2014. I have made friends there and want to find at new home in or near Martina Franca. I like the way you contrast the US and Italy. Buona festa per Thanksgiving Day!

    1. Hi Thomas, interesting that you’ll be in my alley. I’ve been to Martina Franca for furniture shopping before. Congrats on your retirement, I look forward to your comments as well.

  3. I love how your name s Venture, (short for adventure) lol
    I am planning on finally getting to Italy next year. My question had you ever visited Italy before marrying your Italian Stallion? Glad I found your blog!

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