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Meeting Gina DeVee and the Divine Living Academy

Do I have a story to share with you! In May of last year I rose up from the grave and decided to start blogging again. In that post I talked about recently having a baby and quitting my job in order to pursue my own business of modern home decor on Etsy. Gina DeVee, success coach, creator of Divine Living Magazine (Luxury magazine for Women Entrepreneurs) and the Divine Living Academy (intensive 12 month business training for women), happened to read my blog and INVITED ME to her Live Wow Factor Event in Florence last June.

I, a re-awakened blogger and full-time mom was literally beside myself as I couldn’t believe I was going to this spectacular event that could help me launch my business with a strong foundation. I was blown away knowing what an opportunity it would be to mingle with esteemed female entrepreneurs, and to get professional business insight before even starting up my own endeavour. In fact…I didn’t even know what MY wow factor was…perfect! I also didn’t know that these types of events exist, especially ones geared towards women.

Off to Florence I went, leaving from Venice at 5:30 in the morning with my breast-pump and high heels in my backpack. When I got to the St.Regis Hotel
I was in awe that the hotel looked exactly like the pictures and that I was invited there…the mom blogger with only the BELIEF of changing her life in her heart.

When I entered the conference room there were many prestigious looking women, some who brought their husbands along as a plus one. The positive energy that flowed through that room was just stunning. Everyone seemed like they were exactly where they wanted to be.

(Below is a photo of Elise (to the left), a Le-vel Sales Rep who is living her dream. She’s a bright and cheery one!)dla3florence2Many were taking notes, listening intently to the testimonials, and laughing as many probably shared the same experiences. The atmosphere was a room full of joyous women wanting to better their lives and taking the steps to make it happen. Not one was on their cell phone…hard to come by these days!speaking-w-mic

The event schedule had a series of counseling, breaks, guest speakers, testimonials, and question time. It was very interactive for a conference div_0200and nice to hear from the audience. Everyone had a chance to ask personal questions to Gina on stage and get her direct feedback. It was so different from other business conferences I’ve been to because the format was workshop style. Gina has an excellent way of capturing people’s attention and talking about things that matter. She knows how to read her audience.

                        Here’s a picture of Gina and me after the event during the cocktail hour.

Going to the 2 day Wow Factor Event was so inspirational I can’t imagine what the Academy is like for 12 months. I have never been surrounded by so many positive, zero-excuse people in all my life! I felt like I was in a room full of brain surgeons and astronauts…people who just figure it out and break through their limitations. Being in that atmosphere was not only informative for my upcoming business startup, but good for me personally to gain the momentum I needed to believe in my skills and push through my faults.

Below is a success story of Kate, a personal stylist in Boston. We sat together at lunch and I just loved her funny personality. She inspires me being so young and already designing the life she wants.


After the day was over Gina talked about the


Divine Living Academy
and how she individually counsels people through their roadblocks in their businesses. She guides and sets up a plan of action for the members who decide to take their business to the next level. Many decided to sign up for the Academy after the conference. I saw women from all types of passions sign up-the stylist, an artist from Dubai, a Pharmacist with 4 kids, and a Real Estate agent from New York to name just a few from the range.

I’d like to share some of the things I took away from my time at the Live Wow Factor Event. I think I’ll just make a bullet list of some of my favorite pieces of advice


  • You must know your PURPOSE
  • Your WOW factor is an UNENDING source
  • Don’t be envious of those at the top. It’s an EVOLUTION and it starts out with CLARITY about who you are
  • Just SHOW UP!
  • When you make mistakes you have to CHANNEL that energy into something else that works


  • You don’t have to master every area, PICK ONE and you’ll rise faster
  • Sometimes it’s not a bad idea, it’s just a bad EXECUTION
  • Study brands that you PURCHASE from
  • Make clients automatically WEED themselves out so that your target market finds you

Aren’t these great? It’s one thing to read them off the internet, and another to hear them coming from people who have applied these things to their lives and have turned their yearly income into their monthly average! Gina hosts 4 Wow Factor Live Events around the world every year. She coaches in the Academy which is all online with 4 meet-ups during the year. When she isn’t doing that she is writing for the Magazine or posting podcasts.

Several girls I met at the event were already in her program talking about their success since joining the Academy. I was so inspired by this “no matter what” attitude by those I met that I would love to join myself! It’s an investment not only for business growth, but personal development and unique bonds with positive, life-loving women!

Sadly I couldn’t stay for both days of the event. I had to quickly catch my train back to Venice. Was one day worth it? YES. Going to that event ranks as one of the best days of my life. I dream about it, talk about the things I learned, the people I met, and the inspiration I gained. I use the knowledge I gained from that one day in my own business daily. It was life altering and made me realize there is so much life out there you just have to find it and SHOW UP!



5 thoughts on “Meeting Gina DeVee and the Divine Living Academy”

  1. Buongirno Jessica! Happy New Year!! How are you? I meant to respond sooner, but have tons of work going on as I prepare for the new year. Time slipped pass me.

    I’m already involved with Magari Estates. I also met Steve Pellegrino in Venice that Saturday after the Divine Academy event. I will be the executive broker selling Magari Estates in New York and setting up sales here in the USA. I will be partnering with a broker in California and other parts of the country. This is a very special project and I’m excited about it!!

    How’s your husband and the baby? Are you going to Maui in March? I do plan to go to Spain in June. I learned a great deal as I prepared for coaching get to start this month. Getting organized does take pm work and decluttering. I’m looking forward to all the possibilities in 2017.

    You have some questions, so let’s talk during the week. I can call from my office Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Send me your number.

    Ciao for now, Gina

    Gina Sabio NY Lic.Associate Real Estate Broker The Corcoran Group 660 Madison Avenue, 12th Floor New York, NY 10065 (Mobile) 917-325-8147 (Office) 212-836-1004 Email: http://www.corcoran/gsabio

    Top 1% NRT Affiliate Worldwide in 2016

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    1. Hey Gina! I only have an Italian number, its +39 392 889 4801! We can Skype or chat through any other medium if you can’t call direct! Looking forward to hearing from you. My family is doing really well thanks! We are in Sicily now and will be here until October, then most likely moving to Rome. I am going to be Stateside in May, no plans of going to Maui but Im interested to hear what’s going on there!

    1. Yes I did! It was truly an unforgettable experience and I still am in contact with all the women I met that day, who truly inspire and push me 😀 If you want to sign up please do so via my link in the post (it’s affiliate) it would help me to hopefully be able to afford her next conference, I would appreciate it! I would be happy to help organize your trip if you attend her conference in Florence whether you need info on where to stay or what to do, I’ve got lots of resources. Ciao 🙂

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