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How I Fell into a Painting: Magari Estates Live in Italy part time

It all started last summer in Venice. I had just moved to Venice temporarily for a 3 month staycation as my husband was partaking in a course at the Venetian ISMM (Istituto Superiore Marina Militare). Days after getting there my blog was discovered and I was invited to Gina Devee’s Wow Factor Event in Florence. I got on the train with my Dolce & Gabbana heels stuffed in my backpack along with a breast pump since I wasn’t planning to bring my baby to the business conference. Two hours later I arrived and walked into the finest hotel in Florence: the St. Regis,

and quickly changed into my heels as I headed down to the conference room.

“Hi, I’m Jessica the blogger” I said, and was soon escorted to the back of the room where I observed Gina Devee finishing up her welcoming speech. Here are Gina and I below. She is a fabulous success coach for womenimg_5976The Coffee break set, 100 esteemed women dressed to the 9s headed to the coffee room where I noticed most got long “American” coffee, others tea, and that’s when I knew I must be the only one who lives in Italy as I looked down at my espresso in my hands. Being me, I wanted to drink it down and head back to the room to get my paperwork and catch up with what I missed before the next session began, but this time I had a feeling that I should branch out and NOT be myself. I decided to stay in the coffee room and mingle. That’s when I met Dracy Woods. Dracy, an Australian entrepreneur, was at the conference to boost her project the Magari Estate in Verona, Italy.image53

She talked about the 9 floor wine cellar at the Estate, horses, the spa, luxury travelers, and how she couldn’t be more excited to offer people the experience of living in Italy like a local. Smitten with this other side of Italy, I decided to meet her again two days later in the fanciest hotel in Venice, the Danieli

“What can I get you to drink” asked Steve Pellegrino, the owner of the project who I was introduced to at the hotel, “I’ll take a spritz” which is the cultural Venetian drink. We sat and talked some more about what this project is, what Magari means, and how big it’s going to be when launched. Magari, a carefully chosen name for the Villa, means “if only” in Italian and describes a dream villa in the hills of Verona surrounded by an organic vineyard. The project they were describing was a total package deal with a complete concierge service, private parties for members with special guests like Zucchero, tailored activities and spa treatments, and of course lots of wine per day. Sounded great to me.  Steve then invited me to meet him at the villa that weekend.image21-small

Saturday morning I was off to Verona. I came out of the train and popped into a Ferrari with Steve. He said “shall we” and I said “of course” we then let the roof down and drove off into the hills. (This sounds very fairytale I know, but that’s exactly what happened! Now you can light the candles and put some music on)

We got to the sister location of Magari Estates (as the Estate is still being reconstructed) and we had a few glasses of wine and observed the area. Steve talked about his relationship with the Fasoli wine familyand how he will be offering Gino Fasoli’s wine with Magari Packages (12-48 bottles per year) as well as talked about the surrounding areas of Verona and how much this location has to offer. Not only can someone vacation at Magari for 7-28 days a year and that time rolls over to the next year if they don’t use it, but someone can visit Switzerland, Venice, Florence, and Milan within an hour or two. It only gets better with more locations coming in pristine areas of Italy like Sardegna, the island where all the rich and famous Italian celebrities hang out. Needless to say the more I found out about this project the more I loved it because I know the value it has to offer living in Italy myself.

After I said goodbye to my surreal day driving around in a Ferrari in the hills of Verona, drinking wine and talking about business I decided to say YES to

Magari Estatesand join as an International Sales Consultant. I give virtual presentations as well as answer any country specific questions about Italy regarding living here for part of the year. Check out the website where you can see a video showcasing this. Go to my contact page to email me if you’re interested in learning more about the Estate and becoming a member.

What sets the Magari Estate apart from other vacation memberships is freedom the freaking Colosseum! Ok and freedom, I’m not joking. But really, a vacation every year set in a hideaway hilltop villa with an itinerary to go down to the colosseum in Verona and see Adele in open concert, and then the next day head to Milan Fashion Week, and the next day to the Venetian Masquerade is invaluable. Freedom is probably the second most important difference, people deserve freedom with their contracts and won’t be tied into a certain time slot of the year, a certain suite, or villa location, they will be free to choose those things, and even give their year away to a loved one for an anniversary present.

It’s pretty surreal. I told Steve when I was sitting there overlooking the vineyard and drinking a very smooth, buttery wine that the villa reminds me of something Americans would paint on a coffee cup, or put on their backsplash in their kitchens! It really is like that and I’ve seen all of Italy. I can’t wait to go back this year to check out the building progress and see the wine cellar for my own eyes. I will keep you posted!

I feel like lately I’ve been blogging a lot about how to become autonomous from the Italian system while still living in Italy, and this experience with Magari has opened up a real door for me to work for myself within Italy without the boundaries of Italian bureaucracy and a slow economy. Life as an expat has its challenges. Just moving over you already have to redefine yourself with how you say hello everyday. What I find beautiful about this whole thing is that it has developed and been brought to me because of my life in Italy which has been such a love/hate relationship. I hope that bringing people to Magari will help me to fall in love again.

If you’re an expat living in Italy reading this contact me and I can tell you how you can get involved as a representative!image32-small




5 thoughts on “How I Fell into a Painting: Magari Estates Live in Italy part time”

  1. Hi Jessica! Happy Holidays!! I will be selling time at Magari Estates in New York and setting up sales in other states, such as, California and Florida. It’s very special and such an experience!!

  2. Hi Jessica! Happy Holidays!! I will be selling time at Magari Estates with an exclusive in New York and setting up sales in other states, such as, California and Florida. It’s very special and such an experience!! See you in Verona!! – Gina Sabio

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