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My Venice

Well here I am back in the South of Italy reminiscing about my 3 month stay-cation in Venice. You would think living in Italy I wouldn’t have been shocked by living in a different city, but instead when I got there I realized Venetians don’t drink iced coffee like they do in the good ol’ south, bam shock all over again! No pasticcioto (cream filled pastry typical from the south) for breakfast, no espressino (cold espresso with gelato) in the afternoon to feel less guilty about eating gelato straight up. Not to mention they have their own dialect, kids go to and from school on scooters, and women have to buy groceries daily because they have to walk everywhere and can’t just throw their bags in the car-so forget buying a week’s worth of food! The life was different there. I walked and walked miles without realizing it, but enjoyed every minute until I got home late in the afternoons and I couldn’t get off the couch because my legs were so sore. Talk about the perfect city for a neomamma (new mom). With all the walking I did, and exploring as much as possible with every day I had, how on Earth can I sum up Venice in 3 points?

That’s what they asked me to do at GoEuro-my 3 things to do in Venice off the touristy path which you can find here, just look for my name.  What’s cool about that is people who read that list I know for a fact are getting raw content from people who have really been there and know the ins and outs. Who knew, what you read on the internet can actually be true! So here’s my little list of something to see, to do, and to eat in Venice off the beaten path.


The Bevilacqua Factory

I am obsessed with Fabric, home decorating, crocheting, just call me little Martha. If you are a closet Martha too, then you CAN NOT go to Venice without dropping by for a private tour of the Bevilacqua Fabric Factory. You can check out my other post A Day at the Bevilacqua Factory for more information. The staff will personally show you how their velvets are made, talk about the history of Venetian design inspiration, and take you to the showroom-all free of charge. The day I visited the factory expounded my knowledge immensely about velvet, pricing, what defines high quality, where design inspiration can be derived from and much more. This is a great place to hide in if it’s hot or raining as well.




Ludoteca Santa Maria Ausiliatrice

I just happened to be in Venice with my 1 year old, so finding things to do with him out of the heat was a challenge. I found this Ludoteca (play center) in the Giardini area off Via Giuseppe Garibaldi close to where I lived. You can enter for free if you’re just going for a day otherwise you have to pay the yearly fees to use it (which was only around 15euros anyway). It had a ton of games for all ages of children until 12 I’d say, there was a table with crayons and markers, painting supplies, another room with instruments. My baby definitely enjoyed it and I enjoyed a break from the walking.


Spaghetteria A Le Tole

We were walking one night around the sestiere di Castello (Castello district) and found this really great Spaghetteria (spaghetti place) that makes their own spaghetti among other great dishes. The atmosphere of the restaurant had a modern feel but still kept old charm with a piano player in the corner and a glass window showing the chefs working on their craft. The way the restaurant is structured it can’t be too crowded, it was pretty comfortable.IMG_6244


Here’s what I ate! Pasta with duck sauce at a very reasonable price. Fresh made pasta, soft duck, ingredients that they most likely got from a vegetable stand down the street and I paid a few euros more for a top quality dish than what I would’ve paid at Olive Garden!

This is Tiramisù which is perfect on a hot day. Tiramisù actually means “pick me up” how fitting.

I look forward to going back. Thank God I can still get lost in Venice after all my time there.


4 thoughts on “My Venice”

  1. Always enjoy reading your blog. Your baby boy is so adorable! Even though you’re far away from your family and friends, your making the best out of a once in a lifetime experience. It’s very admirable! Looking forward to your next blog.😊

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