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One week left in Venice! Where do YOU want to go?

My three month staycation has come to an end yall. While I’ve been roaming the streets of Venice thinking up great blog posts like “everyday in Venice” or “the everday Italian life in video” another great idea just sparked in my mind: going to the source (as a business coach once told me) and getting YOU involved in my Venice life this week.

I’ve got ONE WEEK left in Venice. Visiting here in the future will never be the same as when I onced lived here. With that in mind I will be out and about soaking up every last day eating gelato, walking by the gondoliers, and snapping photos. So if you were in my shoes what would you do, where would you go? Comment below with what you have been dying to see with your own eyes and I will post a picture of myself in front of THAT. Maybe I’ll write your name on the pic and give you some real-time advice about the place, or comment about what it was really like in person. I might do a video personalized just for you!

Here’s how this works.

1) Comment about where you want to go

2) When I reply with your pic you have to share the pic on Facebook

3) with my blog link 

4) and hashtag #wheresjess 

that would look something like this:

#wheresjess just went to the Helen Ferruzzi shop in Venice for me, virtually! You can go somewhere this week in Venice with her and she’ll give you tips

Rialto bridge? It’s about 3 left turns and 45 minutes walking from my house (that’s a normal walk for Venice BTW and I do this with a baby). The church in San Marco’s Square? I just went to Saturday mass last week (that’s how you skip the line) but I’ll go back if you want to virtually be there! The Famous Florian bar? I know exactly where it is.

Let’s do this! I’ve already seen it all, so now I want to see what you want to see! We can virtually go together….


13 thoughts on “One week left in Venice! Where do YOU want to go?”

  1. Hi! Can you go to “Old World Books”? Apparently they have a large selection of rare books on Italy. Looks like a cute shop in a nice district!

  2. This Saturday night is the great festival of the Redentore. A bridge is built from le Zattere across to Giudecca, the canal is closed to motor traffic, and at night the bacino fills with boats and the fondamente are lined with people and the most wonderful, incredible firework display happens at 11:30 to midnight. It is a great experience, the sky lights up with fireworks, they are reflected in the still water of the lagoon, and they illuminate San Giorgio Maggiore and the Palazzo Ducale. Go! On Sunday people will walk across the bridge to the church of the Redentore .. the festival goes back hundreds of years to when the Redentore was built to give thanks for the end of a plague. A great Venetian weekend.

    1. Hi Edna! So my tip is this: from the main area of Venice it takes about 45 minutes on the ferry to get there, and if you go bring lunch and water because there is nothing there to eat!

    1. hi Mariana! My time in Italy definitely isn’t over, I live here permanently! My time living in Venice has come to an end because my husband finished his masters there, we’re off to where the Italian Navy sends us next 😀

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