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Doing Italy with a baby and in fashion: frumpy mom with banana stains on pants

Well this is a first writing about fashion. Not my usual genre! I figured I’d switch it up and have fun. Rawness coming up.

As you all know I’m a new mom to a gorgeous, blue-eyed baby named William. Being a mom has been like stumbling through gates of confusion day in and day out. How do I do this baby thing and not fall into the “mom look” booby trap? Oh my gosh, and booby trap it is if you’re breastfeeding and can’t find ANYTHING to wear that will allow your boobs to be accessible to the lucky sucker  #storyofmylife

This is hard in America. Now put yourself in fashion central which is located in Italy and you’ll soon be feeling like frumpy Mrs.American surrounded by the high-fashion Italian moms who got the memo. It’s embarrasing. How do these women know what to wear and not look like frumpy American mom in the booby trap? Perhaps their highschool history books were filled with stories about Versace and Armani so they were clued in early about how to maintain la bella figura. Well you’re in LUCK today frumpy mom because I’ve got the memo and I’m sharing it with YOU in this post while hiding away in my little apartment with my sad little clothes on.

I’m going to break this down in 8 easy steps. You’re just 8 steps away from looking like a #superhotmom! Yay, that’s what we want…We want the Hey Bella screams and whistles from the scooter loosers.

  1. Get the side bag. Stop juggling between your diaper bag and purse and get a cross-body side bag. This is vital to looking like you’ve got your stuff together when traveling. If you’re in Europe roaming around Rome or you have to pick up and lift your stroller over a thousand bridges in Venice how can you do that holding a bag? The cross-body bag is the answer.
    Here I am just Yesterday in front of Helen Ferruzzi’s store sporting my cross-body

    I’m personally obsessed with Michael Kors who has great lines every year and reaches many types of women with different flavor palettes. I also don’t use a diaper bag but a backpack instead. I just feel like it’s way easier to handle in my everyday life as well as when I’m out and about. Check out what I use here. Isn’t that adorable? It’s white which screams Italian fashion because they’re obsessed with white, and it’s called the Jet Set Travel which means it’s just destiny. It has pockets, zippers and compartments, but doesn’t look like it’s huge…it’s chic! God I love Michael kors, he thinks of everything!

Now don’t do this mishap. This is when I realized I was stumbling into the mom zone with my pacifier holder on the outside of my designer bag because I was either too lazy or too tired to throw it inside my bag…


2. Isn’t the hardest thing to do before setting off for your vacation finding cute, comfortable tennis shoes? Well, you don’t have to wear tennis shoes that make your feet look 10x bigger than they really are. I’ve noticed lots of women in Italy either wear white pumas, white addidas or patterned addidas, or summer ankle boots. They really look so much better with leggings or boot cut jeans. Ankle boots are the way to go if you’re worried about the rain, or cold. The small heal on boots are more comfortable because you can’t feel the ground below you, and it’s always nice to hear that tap. Those are good for either summer or winter really depending on the color. These types of shoes are IT in my opinion because when you’re walking for miles and miles ballerina flats don’t hack it…not on stone streets! Here I am with my ankle boots and side bag…double points for this girl! P.S. my baby is proudly sporting his American flag shirt and star socks as we were at the US Consulate to get his citizenship and passport.

3.Glasses are in over here. At first I wasn’t into the whole glasses look because in America people want a bare face. But in Italy people dress up unisex glasses in a really fancy way. It’s like you can skip the makeup with glasses! Just throw on a nice pair, a bright lipstick and you’re all of a sudden half way fashionable just like that! Check out these Gucci black and gold rim glasses that are super in in Italy right now. Many women strut around in their black square Dolces or in aviator style Ray-bans when the sun is out (or isn’t). These are the ones that I wear. They’re goldish brown which to me stand out in streets full of black everything.            4.Something I’ve personally found helpful in my life has been the Pockit stroller. It is the new phenomenon of travel. It encloses itself and becomes so small you can actually bring it in the airplane as a carry on! Not only that but if you’re always taking road trips and your stroller takes up a ton of space in your car then the Pockit is the answer to your space problems. I’ve been using it everywhere in Venice and I specifically love how light it is…it was the lightest to everything else I compared. Not only that but it is so narrow I have been able to comfortably get down every small street and through ever tiny door or European elevator without a problem. The only downfall is that it doesn’t lean back if the baby needs to sleep. Here I am in front of the Canale in Venice looking at the Accademia bridge with my fancy stroller!

5. Wear cross-body-v-necks or button-downs if you’re breastfeeding. There is nothing easier. Forget the breastfeeding covers. Europe is all about breastfeeding in public. If you want one just for you, or because you’re traveling in the winter and don’t want you or baby to be exposed to the cold then check out this nursing cover that I got for my shower that I LOVE. I’ve worn it over and over just because it looks good and works with leggings. Again, it’s not black….gotta break up the black. It’s easy to play it safe and black goes with everything, but it doesn’t make you stand out. White is fresh for all skin tones, as well as other brighter colors.

6. Get yourself a wand! The wand is the coolest hair curling tool I have ever used in my life. I have a thick head of long hair and I was able to curl my locks in literally 10 minutes. For me, if my hair looks bad then everything else looks bad. Wanding your hair will give you an instant glam factor and make you look put together!

7. Wear a scarf. Scarves are so much more fashionable than a floral nurse cover. Come on now…you deserve more than to be commercialized. Apart from the obvious uses of a scarf as an accessory it’s actually a really versatile piece when traveling. You CAN NOT get into the Vatican with bare shoulders, throw it around your shoulders for a shoulder cover. Tie it around your shorts to get into other cathedrals. Cover up yourself and baby. Throw it over your head to have classic Hollywood fashion. 8. Get yourself a jacket that passes as a rain jacket. It’s the ABCs of traveling smart I’d say. I can’t even tell you how many times I got stuck in the rain in Paris, Venice, you name it and had to wear a poncho over my actual jacket. This is my cheap-o version of a rain jacket that I got at a sports store in Italy, but there are much nicer ones you can get here by Lululemon which makes gorgeous sportswear. Don’t mind my baby carrier being adjusted wrongly…oops. That’s the ErgoBaby. Didn’t know every part of it was adjustable when changing positions from back to front! #momfail

So let’s go through this together real quick. How do you avoid being frumpy Mrs.American booby trap mom and actually look like a better, higher-end version of your spectacular self? Follow the list. Once you have your accessories you’ll be able to LITERALLY throw together a fashionable look in no time and appear to have it together even if you’ve got throw up stains and banana smears on your pants.









Well that about sums it up. I think I’ll go make myself some espresso before the babes wakes. Ciao and a dopo




5 thoughts on “Doing Italy with a baby and in fashion: frumpy mom with banana stains on pants”

  1. Keep giving pointers to how an American can not look like a tourist in Italy or adjust to luving the life of an Italian. I love it, Jessica! The photos are great. Michael Kors should send you a complimentary side bag :-).
    – “WowFactor ” is found! – Gina S.

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