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La Spezia Wedding

In 2011, Fabio and I ventured from Paris, France to the North of Italy to celebrate our friend’s wedding. We had just taken a trip to Paris where Fabio had proposed to me, so already, going to this wedding was going to be superbly romantic.  Sara and Simone had their wedding in La Spezia which is on the western coast line of Italy near the Cinque Terre.  This wedding was a bit set apart from others because the groom was in the Italian Navy. As always in traditional military weddings, the other officers invited are required to dress in full uniform.  Apart from that special aspect, their wedding was ultimately gorgeous with the antique look of the church, the bountiful rolling hills, and the brisk air.

Traditional Italian brides always wear the long cathedral veil because as I said in my earlier post, Italians must marry inside the Catholic church, they don’t have a choice. So, the cathedral veil fits the venue perfectly. I have never seen an Italian bride wear a different style of veil in all the weddings I’ve been to.

As most people probably know, Italians greet each other by giving kisses on both cheeks. Well, after ceremonies of all types it is kosher for each guest to give the bride and groom kisses on their cheeks and say “auguri” or “congratulazioni” . This can sometimes take up to 45 minutes for the bride and groom to greet every single guest outside of the church. This cultural prop is also done when the spouses give away their wedding favors at the end of the reception.

The reception of Sara and Simone was held at an old castle.  Talk about a romantic setting, this was definitely it. When we arrived for the appetizer it was in this long, dark, ally-like hallway with huge barrels full of aged wine. The appetizers were laid on top of each barrel of wine, it was just gorgeously decorated.

Unlike America’s tall and lean cakes, Italians often have a three tier fat cake. Below is a glimpse of their cake as well as the adorable cake topper!

My mother told me that chocolate covered almonds are a traditional thing to have at weddings.  However, I have never seen this traditional extra at an American wedding in my life. On the contrary, I have always seen these “confetti” as they call them, at every Italian reception.  These candies are usually on a table of their own, in separate colors and flavors. I never care to get these for luck because the table is always swarmed with crazy women shoving as many almonds in their little goody-bags as possible. It is so ridiculous that me and my husband usually stand by and just laugh at how odd these people are for going nuts over sub-standard sweets! Regardless, it is a must have at all Italian weddings.

To wrap up this post, here is a picture of me and my hunk at our table. We arrived late to the ceremony due to traffic in a tunnel, enjoyed ourselves thoroughly at this wedding with old friends, and on our two hour drive home we just about died of exhaustion going up and down the pitch black hills in the early hours of the morning. But we survived, and we got married one year later.


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