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Basket case: Starting up my business

The idea came in my mind last October while I was listening to the rain and wind beat on the window of my 8th floor apartment in Sicily. Great things happen when you’re sipping on espresso, the baby is sleeping, and you’ve got two options: I either go back to work as a teacher and… Continue reading Basket case: Starting up my business

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My Venice

Well here I am back in the South of Italy reminiscing about my 3 month stay-cation in Venice. You would think living in Italy I wouldn’t have been shocked by living in a different city, but instead when I got there I realized Venetians don’t drink iced coffee like they do in the good ol’… Continue reading My Venice

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One week left in Venice! Where do YOU want to go?

My three month staycation has come to an end yall. While I’ve been roaming the streets of Venice thinking up great blog posts like “everyday in Venice” or “the everday Italian life in video” another great idea just sparked in my mind: going to the source (as a business coach once told me) and getting YOU… Continue reading One week left in Venice! Where do YOU want to go?

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My captivating affair with fabric

Is it jeans or denim? Khaki or Chino? How to distinguish between fabrics and their nicknames, the process of how they’re made, and interesting tips!

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